Week 15 – The Franklin Makeover MKMMA Style

Ben Franklin Cartoon Ben did his thing in 1776 . Well now it’s 2015, ya know, I never really planned for 2015 correctly. In my world view 2010 was a movie, in 2012 if the world ended, I would not have to keep paying those bills, and now, well, here we are. This is why I know that digging into the MKMMA was necessary. Make over, more like overhaul. Take it down to the frame and replace everything that isn’t working and replace all the worn out parts. At my age, the blueprint has been re drawn by life experience, success, and yes, failures. Wooden would have asked me to transfer to USC by now. So I am going forward with a PMA, lessons learned and looking at the compass and using the magnifying glass. The man in the glass still has work to do.

Let’s take the tools we have learned and use them for the betterment of ourselves, our families and the world overall. First up on the makeover list, self control for me. I never get angry, but even.  Stick to the program and make progress. Here we go !!

I am open to live life out of my comfort zone and build the new blueprint.


4 responses to “Week 15 – The Franklin Makeover MKMMA Style

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    I did a web search in relation to the Franklin Makeover. This a quick summary of what I wanted to write. Does it count? No. I will have to write my own reflections. But this is a lesson on “reblog post” button on his blog. Let’s see where it goes, and if it has a heading or title. I am just writing a comment.


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